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How Co-Branding Can Make Two Reputations Better Than One

Bringing two or more brands together, under one umbrella, for a mutual purpose, requires each brand has a healthy respect for each other’s reputation.

Co-branding is a strategic partnership between professionals (personal brand) or organizations (products, services or programs) that recognize the value of leveraging each other’s reputation to amplify awareness about a product, service, event or cause. Co-branding provides opportunities to speak to audiences in new ways and connect to new audiences using relevant, share-worthy information that creates positive impressions about the brands involved.

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Why Social Media Matters To Your Brand

social media brand infographic

If we make our customers unhappy in real life, they might each tell up to six people. However, if we make them unhappy on social media/internet they can each tell up to six thousand people. This means that social media matters most to any brand.

The infographic below shows hows customers spend 22 percent of their time on social networking sites like Facebook and GooglePlus, while 21% on searching-Google and 20% on browsing. Moreover 23 percent of brand marketers are developing social media strategies. Are you leveraging social media in your marketing strategy?

Social media allows companies to connect with customer on a one to one social level. Leveraging social media in your business marketing can help raise your follower-base in a dynamic way. The above statistics highlight why social media matters to your brand:

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Celebrity Endorsements – Avoiding the Pitfalls


At the time of writing, Rory McIlroy looks set to sign a sponsorship deal with Nike worth a reported $250m.  Even by Nike’s standards that is a lot of money, but they are obviously confident that McIlroy’s endorsement of the brand over the ten year term will generate a return on investment well in excess of that amount.  Of course, they also have some spare bucks lying around after they terminated their deal with Lance Armstrong because of what they called the “seemingly insurmountable evidence that he participated in doping”.

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How To Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Brand

emotional branding


Have you ever fallen in love with a brand? You know–like the way you have that Starbucks skinny soy vanilla latte, extra shot, extra hot sitting at your side every afternoon? Or the way you feel about the Nike Air Max sneakers that have taken you over the finish line in three different cities? You have a relationship with these brands. So much so that they may spark certain emotions or qualities: your Starbucks beverage helps you to feel relaxed and creative; the Nikes make you feel confident and determined.

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Who’s On Your Brand Dream Team?

dream team in letterpress type

Every brand needs a dream team. That team consists not only of people who help create, communicate, manage, direct and protect the brand, but also of words, symbols and slogans that serve as brand messengers. The chosen brand messengers require a human brand team to shepherd the brand from conception to consumer.

Here, we’ll take a look at these brand tribe members, who vary based on the size of the organization. However, since the advent of social media, even smaller brands are experiencing the need for conscious collaborators to co-create various aspects of the brand across the burgeoning array of platforms.

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5 Ways in Which Brands Can Add Humour To Their Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

Humour, today is one of the key elements that makes social media activities engaging, everyone loves a bit of fun! People use random words such has #twss #okthnxbye #lol to converse with others.

Keeping this in mind, brands are also acting ‘funny’ (no pun intended) on social media. So what exactly does humour do? There are three main advantages – it captures the viewer’s attention, cuts through the ad clutter, and enhances recall. Social media helps the brand get visibility. Having said that, there are certain things that brands should keep in mind while they plan to tickle their target audience. Here are 5 things that brands can take a note of…

Be witty

The best humour comes naturally. In reality, humour sells only if it is based on a decent idea and great execution. Some of the best brands in India have leveraged humor to such an extent that viewers look forward to newness in humour each time they see a new commercial by that brand.

The classic example of this is Amul’s topical messages. The brand today is looking beyond traditional landmark hoardings to convey its campaigns. Of late, Amul has been releasing its campaigns on social media too. Many of these campaigns are put up rather smartly with just the right amount of humour in it.

amul on facebook

Create shareable content

According to many marketing experts brands should start experimenting with content if they want to establish social communities. Therefore, it is essential to generate content that is shareable. The foremost thing that brands should focus on is to break rules or taboos while designing content for viewers on social media.

It is essential for content on social media to have a humorous flavour in it and if possible make quirky use of celebrities. Content on social media has the power to advocate a cause that can be inspirational. Satire, spoof, parody and humour portals such us The Unreal Times, and Faking News are doing a good job in this space.

The UnReal Times

Faking News

Share humour that your target audience can relate to

Being funny can be risky too. Business owners need to be sure that the humour implied fits the bill of their target audience. Being funny may not work for healthcare, financial services or any highly regulated industry. Running tests and focus groups to collect feedback is always a great idea.

Try using an online survey to test your attempt at humour against an internal audience before the brand sends it out. Simply Potatoes is a small food joint that is playing extremely smart with its twitter strategy. Their main objective is to punch in the right amount of humour which relates to the users and also the brand.

Simply Potatoes

Connect the funny thoughts with the brand

Humour is understood differently by different people. It cannot and should not be subjected to a set pattern or norm. Having said this, two things have to be taken care of. Firstly, a brand has to keep the larger target audience in mind and secondly, it should not deviate from its core marketing objectives.

It may be noted that intelligent humour in advertising is currently a popular marketing strategy but in times to come it will certainly sway in another direction. And why should it not? Nothing remains constant forever. It’s funny only till it sells.Vodafone’s ZooZoos are doing a good job as of now.  ZooZoo’s page has topical and funny comments that the audience can relate to, associating it at the same time with the brand.

Vodafone Zoozoos

Don’t overdo it

Comedy is subjective so don’t expect to please everyone. Using humour in social media levels the playing field between big-budget creative ad agencies and a clever marketer.

A classic example of this would be Cadbury 5 Star’s campaign with the two characters, Suresh and Ramesh. It was extremely funny when it was launched. But the brand seems to be pushing the characters a bit too much on the social media now. The content therefore is not funny but is just acting like an aggressive brand push.

Cadbury 5 Star

It will be interesting to see how in the coming days brands which have the scope of adding humour to their marketing strategy show their fun side on social media platforms. Will they get a thumbs up or a thumbs down?





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Using Colors In Branding

Using Colors in Branding


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8 Do’s and 5 Don’ts of Instagram for Building Your Brand

Instagram is a photo-sharing application launched in late 2010 and acquired by Facebook in 2012.

Though some forward-thinking businesses are already using Instagram, chances are you aren’t yet, and neither are your competitors. With its universal appeal, however, Instagram is not a medium marketers should ignore. And you’d better move quickly if you want to make an impact.


How You Shouldn’t Use Instagram

Let’s start out by defining how you should not be using Instagram, because you don’t want to waste your time—or, worse, turn off your potential fans—by committing a social faux pas or by annoying them.

All of the photos on Nike’s Instagram account are colorful, but the pictures end up coming off as the products of photo shoots rather than the more casual style cherished by other brands (and, usually, users). Nike’s myriad fans may still love the pics, but not all of us are Nike and we don’t have armies of loyal followers. So keep it real.

1. Don’t use Instagram solely for advertisements

This is true of any social network, but it is especially true on Instagram, where you have the potential to share all kinds of visual advertising your company has been using. Don’t do it. Resist the urge. And while we’re on the topic: Instagram is for photos—save your infographics and illustrations for Pinterest. They just look strange, and the square format doesn’t suit them.

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[VIDEO] Beyonce Send A Message in New Single Pepsi Commercial, Previews New Single


Queen Bey, gives us a preview of her new “Grown Woman” single in her new Pepsi commercial. See Beyonce battle Beyonce in mirror.


Not only does the commercial feature Beyonce’s Timbaland produced single it is also a message. The powerful message Bey sends us is “Embrace Your Past But Live For Now”. The brand story in the commercial is Beyonce facing her past through battling herself from her “Destiny’s Child” days to her 10 year solo career in her “Crazy In Love”, “Single ladies” days.

Mrs. Carter battle dances each of the past self in the mirror proving that even after marriage and a baby she has not lost her sasha fierce fire. Her brand is always evolving and she will continue to evolve but she is “Embracing Her Past But Living For Now”. You should too.

As you develop your personal brand for growth and for success remember to “Embrace You Past But Live For Now”. If you don’t know where you came from, You don’t know where you are going.

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Is Your Brand Sinking? 7 Ways To Tell

When you really think about it, your personal brand is kind of like a ship you’ve built for yourself. Similar to a sailing vessel, you laid the blueprints and executed its building. When it’s finally set to sea, you’re left captaining it. But maintaining and managing your personal brand requires more energy than most want to admit.

Even the most successful brands take on water at times — from the personal brands of celebrities and thought leaders, to the corporate brands we’ve come to know and love. Seeing other brands experience trials and tribulations often leads you to wonder about your own. You may not be experiencing anything large scale, but there might be a few cracks to consider for future longevity.

Like a small leak on a boat, there are a variety of ways to tell if your brand is sinking. Here’s how:

1. Use your intuition. If you’ve developed a stand-out personal brand, you likely have keen business sense. Take a moment to consider the recent health of your personal brand — does anything look a little funny? If you’re having any doubts or strange feelings, it might be time to dig deeper and consider making a few adjustments.

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