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Pinterest Surpasses Twitter In Popularity Among Women and Now Offers Paid Ads


Pinterest is already more popular than Twitter among women in less than five years. A greater percentage of woman use Pinterest more than Twitter. The social site helps people share collection of images from furniture; clothes, recipes, hairstyles to make-up looks and 80% of its users are women. Also, Pinterest is preparing to launch its first paid ads with Kraft, Gap, and others.

To date 21% of U.S. online adults said they use Pinterest, up from 15% a year earlier. Meanwhile, 18% of online adults use Twitter. More than 90% of Pinterest usage is on mobile, higher than Facebook (68%) and higher than Twitter (86%) according to a new report from the Pew Research Center . Pinterest’s U.S. user base is projected to top 40 million this year, putting it in a league with both Twitter and Instagram domestically.



Pinterest’s users have created more than 750 million boards made up of more than 30 billion individual pins, with 54 million new ones added each day. During the 2013 holiday season Pinterest accounted for nearly a quarter of all social sharing activity. Among social networks, only Facebook, with its 1.3 billion users, drives more traffic to Web publishers.


Pinterest is now testing and showing ads to its 70 million users. With more demand than it could satisfy, Pinterest had limited its test to a mere dozen brands, wringing commitments of more than $1 million from each brand. It has more than a dozen marketers set to run campaigns with three-to-six-month commitments including huge brands Kraft, General Mills, Ziploc, Nestle, Lululemon, Gap, ABC Family and Expedia.


Pinterest is a promising advertising social channel targeted at women. If you’re an advertiser targeting women Pinterest is going to be a great opportunity for you. According to Sephora Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than their Facebook fans. The social network is a popular destination for women. Brands are winning on Pinterest. This translates into a money-making opportunity for brands, especially for the brands targeted at women.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.54.36 PM

According to Forbes, the social network is getting closer to launching Promoted Pins, which will help you reach more people with Pinterest. With more demand it could satisfy, Pinterest has limited its test to a mere dozen sponsors, wringing commitments of $1million each. Ad Agency Executive Giant, Steve Stoute, with clients like Anheuser-Busch, State Farm and McDonald’s, Stoute was desperate to get his newest client, discount shoe store chain DSW, into the program “I didn’t want this thing to go by without us getting in front of it,” he tells Forbes.

Start reaching more people today and get started with Pinterest Promoted Pins. If you’d like to get priority access to Promoted Pins, fill out this form . Pinterest will reach out when they’re ready to get started. Please note: Promoted Pins is only available to U.S.-based businesses at this time.


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How Social Media Can Give You the Edge on Competitors


Last month we asked if your business really needed a social media marketing strategy and briefly touched on the seven golden rules to consider before you sashay down this particular
communications aisle.

The thing to keep in mind, of course, is that not all Social Media platforms are created equal and while you may not be able to reach the right audience through Facebook, Twitter and the like, you could do so through LinkedIn, Google+ and other avenues that are more relevant to your industry and/or product.

Results from the 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report(published by Michael A. Stelzner from Social Media Examiner) does highlight some interesting points regarding which platforms are, currently, delivering results and what problems marketers are encountering around the world.


With South Africa, often, being a little behind mature markets in adopting marketing technologies and methodologies (yes, really) – changing the way you use social media to reach your clients could just deliver the competitive edge you have been looking for.

Social is Here to Stay (Embrace it)

Taking a quick snapshot view of the Industry Report Statistics, it is clear that the growth in Social Media marketing is not only sustainable but growing exponentially in certain respects.

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Social Selling: How Social Media, PR and Sales Can Work Together


In most companies, social media falls into the broader “marketing and communications” category. There’s either a digital marketing team behind social channels or an agency helping with those efforts. This makes sense – the majority of businesses rely on social media as a way to build brand awareness and grow customer engagement.

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Why Social Media Matters To Your Brand

social media brand infographic

If we make our customers unhappy in real life, they might each tell up to six people. However, if we make them unhappy on social media/internet they can each tell up to six thousand people. This means that social media matters most to any brand.

The infographic below shows hows customers spend 22 percent of their time on social networking sites like Facebook and GooglePlus, while 21% on searching-Google and 20% on browsing. Moreover 23 percent of brand marketers are developing social media strategies. Are you leveraging social media in your marketing strategy?

Social media allows companies to connect with customer on a one to one social level. Leveraging social media in your business marketing can help raise your follower-base in a dynamic way. The above statistics highlight why social media matters to your brand:

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5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often


5 Twitter Features You Should Use More Often

Most people only use the main features of social media networks. Little do they know that this is the ones usually hidden or less easily accessible, that can be the most useful. Twitter is one of the most used social media platform and is great to engage in conversations with people you wouldn’t have probably met in real life, at least not that easily, either for personal or professional purposes. The features below will help you discover how to use Twitter to its fullest.

Connect with more people

As many social networks, Twitter gives you the possibility to browse your contacts database from other platforms in order to find people you already know. This feature is often under-used but can turn out to be very effective to find people to connect with, and therefore, get new followers. You access it via the #Discover section (top menu) and then “Find Friends”. There you can connect with contacts from your Gmail, Yahoo, AOL or Outlook accounts. Browse also the “Who to follow” section to find suggestions based on your current following.

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5 Crucial Ways that Your E-Commerce Business Will Be Improved by Social Media


Do you have an e-commerce business?

Are you looking for more customers and a higher turnover?

If these are the case you are missing out if you don’t have a social media presence through Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other media.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons that you should have a social media presence to drive your e-commerce business forward.

Reason No. 1- More Customers

When you’re looking at increasing your customer base you need to be interfacing with as many people as possible. Social media provides the opportunity to get referrals and to interact with people within your target demographic profile. Through social media you can target people that are impossible to reach through standard offline advertising. Your customer base can be massively enlarged if you take the right approach.

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Three Reasons To Invest In Your Brand

Why invest in a brand?

For a few very good business reasons: Break through the chaos; add perceived value; add power to all marketing and generate ongoing response from specific target audiences.

50 cent smsThree solid reasons to build a brand

One: Too many choices

We are a society inundated with choices, more choices than ever before. People are overwhelmed. Everyone is looking for simplicity, authenticity and clarity.

Studies have shown that when there are too many choices, people often refuse to choose. They just give up. When offering taste tests, for example, if there are more than 7 options sales are not impacted. But if there are 5 or fewer, people will sample and sales go up.

People want every choice to be easy, not confusing or complicated. Whether consumer products or business to business, people are still people. They want to know “What’s in it for me?”

Have you defined — from your audiences’ point of view — what you offer that’s unique, special, different? Or are you still a “me too” brand? Defining the message and the brand context will give your audiences the reasons they need to choose you.

Beyonce-Bow-Down-600x597Two: Add value

Good branding adds perceived value to every message, every appearance of your brand. It moves any organization from competing on price to competing on the value provided to the target audiences. If there is nothing to distinguish your brand from the rest, the default comparison is price.

By pinpointing the elements that make the brand/company and products unique in their market and emphasizing specific benefits, audiences will know how to choose. By leveraging those benefits at each point of choice to restate benefits and add a call to action, target audiences will choose your brand.

Have you made it clear each time you present your message and brand how your audience should respond? Do you have a call to action on every web page or on every brochure? Making it simple and clear is essential. The easier it is to respond, the more likely you’ll receive the response you’re looking for.

Three: Add power to your marketing


A brand adds power all marketing. By establishing a visual and verbal identity that is recognizable, your organization, products and message will be noticed. You will stand out from the chaos. There will be a visual connection to the target audiences, consistency between marketing messages and media, and a story — a reason to buy — that’s compelling and memorable.

Creating the verbal and visual brand is just the first step. Maintaining consistency amongst all channels is essential. And bringing the brand to life internally–with resources, templates and tools — will ensure your brand is supported and enhanced in every connection.

Optimizing the brand in all channels


These days, there are more communication channels, more ways for your audiences to interact with you. More chances to create a brand experience. It’s easy to spread your resources too thin trying to cover all of the options.

An optimized brand is narrowly focused on the essential audiences. It integrates the ideas, the visuals and the messages into positioning. It builds from your audiences’ perceptions and influences them where they choose to interact. It’s supported and adopted by those who embody it.

Because there are so many channels and choices now, the optimized brand helps you focus instead of spreading resources amongst all of the options.

When a brand is optimized there is more power. Stronger purpose. Clearer components. And bigger results

Of course, you can drop us an email to talk branding at info@missvinc.com


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4 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Branding Your Startup

 brand it good

In the complex and overcrowded startup ecosystem, competition is fierce, and arguably there are no truly original ideas.

Building a powerful brand is vital to differentiate you from your competitors, but there’s more to branding than having a memorable logo and design.


Every sprouting startup should be thinking about the message they want to send to their audience from the very beginning. Your business idea may be extraordinary, but how will you stand out among your many competitors?

Whether you realize it or not, you’re already branding yourself from the very moment you start talking about your idea to your friends.

Assuming you’re already at the point where you have a solid product, how do you go about communicating your unique value proposition to your customers? Branding is your personality, a unique story that fits into a central theme and mission. Your brand is how your customers, competitors, and partners see you, so it’s vital to start off on the right foot.

Answer these four questions during the first baby steps, and you’ll be on your way to bringing a competitive brand to the marketplace:


To establish a strong brand, you need to define your purpose and clarify the reason for doing what you do. Think about the emotion you want to evoke with your brand.

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Must Read! 8 Keys To Successful Branding

Don Draper of Mad Men works on Madison Avenue

Don Draper of Mad Men finds branding inspiration in the bottle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you follow Don Draper and the rest of the Mad Men on Madison Avenue, you might be forgiven for thinking the inspiration behind a memorable slogan or advertising campaign comes from a bottle of whisky and a packet of cigarettes.

Of course life is never that simple. Take, for example, Apple’s false start with its corporate identity. The company’s first logo, designed in 1976, showed Isaac Newton sitting under a tree with an apple dangling above his head, waiting for gravity to happen. And the strapline that accompanied it was  ”Newton… A Mind Forever Voyaging Through Strange Seas of Thought … Alone.” Would they really have become one of the most successful businesses on the planet if Steve Jobs hadn’t decided on a bit of a creative re-think?

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8 Personal Branding Tips to Market Yourself

personal branding tips

Personal branding is the process of promoting and marketing yourself. The reasons for personal branding center around promoting a feeling of trust in you and your capabilities for the purpose of enhancing your company or career, create an environment where new ideas and opportunities find you, and to shorten the sales cycle of your products and services.

To create a personal brand you need to market yourself as if you were some fantastic new product that your customers can not possibly do without. Step one is to believe that the above statement is true and act on it.

When creating a personal branding strategy there are several steps you can follow that will help you to be successful.

1. Decide who you are at what it is you want: This first step can prove to be deceptive in its simplicity.

2. Create a personal brand statement: Your personal brand statement is the short version of who and what you are. It should be used with every other aspect of your personal branding strategy. These simple one or two sentences should tell what you are or do, who you do it for and how you do it. For example a personal brand statement for someone who is in real-estate may be something like; John, bringing people together with their dreams in Florida since 1979.

3. Sell: Once you know who you are and what it is you want to be seen as an expert at it is time to sell yourself to others, which of course requires a personal branding strategy. The internet has made the ability to create a personal brand easier and faster than ever before. With the internet you can create a personal branding website, use social networking such as Twitter and LinkedIn, make video commercials and infomercials for uploading on sites like YouTube and most importantly create a blog where you can prove your worth.

4. Find and introduce yourself to at least ten strong personal brands: You are who you know is not just a cliché.

5. Comment on blogs with high readership in your niche: The more you can get your name and opinions out there the more people will begin to recognize your name and look for your opinions.

6. Interview as many of the top personal brands in your niche you can on your blog.

7. Volunteer to write guest blogs for other strong personal brands in your field. When others begin to recognize you as a strong personal brand you are half way there!

8. Link to other people and personal brands in authority in your niche. Again most people see people and judge them by who they hang out with, if you are seen with the top movers and shakers people will believe you are also a mover and shaker.

If you need some help with your personal branding strategy or reinventing yourself, contact us for a consultation.




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