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5 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness With Influencers

influencerDid you know that there are about 198 million people who actively use Adblock? This means that your banner ads aren’t reaching these users at all. Between June 2014 and June 2015, ad blocker usage grew by 48% in the U.S. alone – and even more concerning, as of March 2016, more than 400 million people were actively using mobile browsers that automatically blocks ads, otherwise known as mobile adblocking browsers.

So what can you do to get past all this and reach your target audience? How will an entirely new audience base learn about your brand and how amazing your products are if you can’t even reach them?

The answer lies in influencers.

Influencers are those individuals who have a certain level of impact on consumers’ purchase decisions. An influencer can be anyone from a blogger, a celebrity, a YouTube star, or even a social media persona. The best part is that consumers trust these influencers and their opinions, meaning that they can directly impact how they feel about your brand, in addition to educating them about your products. Choosing an influencer that’s relevant to your brand and your brand values can help you raise awareness about your brand to their band of followers.

Here’s a look at some of effective ways for increasing brand awareness with the help of influencers:

1. Promote Your Partnership Through Account Takeovers

The idea behind having influencers take over your social media account is that they’ll invite their network over to yours. Once you decide to have an account takeover campaign, the influencer(s) will promote the partnership to their audience and invite them to witness their experience through your account. Through account takeovers, you’re opening your brand to an entirely new audience and also surprising your existing network with fresh content.

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4 Lessons On Using Co-Branding To Co-Crush The Competition

celebrity co-branding musicforscreens_chart


To build your brand, sometimes you have to share your brand.

And increasingly, big companies like Budweiser and Harley-Davidson are choosing to co-brand with celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Kid Rock through relationships that range from sponsoring each other’s activities to the celebrity taking on quasi-roles such as strategic counselor or creative director.

But for co-brands to endure beyond the superficial level of a one-off press release, both parties need to stipulate realistic goals and they need to co-create value. Those are among the lessons iCrossing and Jermaine Dupri have learned through an unusual co-branding relationship that has helped reinvent Dupri’s image as a technology leader, increased membership for his Global 14 social media community, and developed iCrossing’s image as a creative, socially savvy agency. Within 10 months of forming our relationship in February 2012, we boosted membership for Dupri’s Global 14 community by 43 percent, improved Dupri’s Twitter following from 381,000 to 620,000, increased iCrossing’s own Twitter following by more than 40 percent, and, most importantly, gave both iCrossing and Dupri recognition among mainstream influencers.

Here’s what we’ve learned along the way.

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How To Use Influencer Marketing for Your Retail Business

influencer marketingOne of the hottest marketing trends for the coming year is something called “influencer marketing.” Basically, influencer marketing means working with influencers — people who have a large social media and/or real-life following and are able to influence their followers’ purchasing decisions.

If you’ve ever bought something as a result of seeing a blogger wear it, use it or review it, influencer marketing has worked on you. How can influence or marketing work for a retail business? Here’s a guide to getting started.

Set Goals

As with any type of marketing campaign, you need to specify your goals for your influencer marketing effort before you get started. In most cases, you’ll want to do more than attract more likes or followers to your social media accounts. You want to drive real-life actions, such as visiting your store, visiting your website or making a purchase. These should be measurable goals.

Find Your Influencers

You’re probably already aware of influencers in your retail niche, whether that’s baby clothing, gardening supplies or women’s apparel. You can also use hashtags or keywords to find influencers in your niche and/or your local area. Spend some time on social media searching for bloggers or YouTube stars who meet these criteria: 1) they have a big following, 2) their followers are in your target market, and 3) their content is relevant to what you sell. Klout is a good tool for quantifying someone’s social influence. Read more →

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Is Snapchat Marketing Worth The Effort?

Snapchat has exploded in popularity in just a few years, rising up to become a household social media name like Facebook or Twitter.

Snapchat was offered $3 billion in an acquisition bid by Facebook in 2013, and it’s only grown in popularity since then. Now four years in, Snapchat sees over 100 million daily active users, with close to 9,000 photos shared every second.


To the modern digital marketer, those numbers can make your mouth water. Compared to Facebook’s 1.31 billion active users, 100 million may not seem like much, but it’s still a major chunk of users available for an instant, popular mode of communication.

Snapchat’s marketing options aren’t as robust or as intuitive as a platform like Facebook advertising, but even organically using the app can yield you fresh visibility and availability for new audiences.

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The Growth of Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Traditional marketing is great for business, but in today’s world, social influencer marketing is even better. Social media has disrupted the balance of power between brands and customers. Social media networks provide a platform for people to easily connect with brands, as well as share their opinions to thousands of people in seconds. With the adoption rate of social media increasing everyday, more people feel empowered to share their personal experiences with brands to give consumers an authentic viewpoint. This sharing of content is dramatically changing the way people make purchasing decisions because they no longer only rely on what the brand says. They look for the recommendations of others, and now they can access social proof from people they trust anytime, anywhere.

Easily Grow Your Brand With Social Influencers

These days, most brands have a strong online presence with one or more social media managers to post content and engage with their audiences. Most marketers understand the importance of having a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account because it is proven to positively impact the business. But employing someone to maintain an online presence isn’t enough anymore. Marketers need a scalable way to reach new people on social and quickly convert them into a customer.

Marketers are beginning to realize the best way to grow their brand is through social influencer marketing. Statistics show that, “92 percent of consumers trust recommendations from other people—even if they don’t know them personally—over promotional content that comes directly from brands” (Nielsen). By teaming up with the right influencers to spread your message you can reach thousands, even millions, more people in a more effective manner. Brands that leverage social influencers to spread their message are seeing up to a 10X increase in conversion rates.

So how do you know which influencers you should recruit?

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7 Branding Tips For Musicians Who Hate Branding

Hate the word “brand” so much you just want to skip reading this post and go on attack in the comments? Hold on there buddy!Stefan Aronsen has found a solution that he presents in part two of his survival guide for bands.

It’s called BUZZ: PERSONIFY and it suggests that if you hate the term brand, focus on building a strong persona and you’ll do just fine. It’s free for a limited time so take this opportunity to find out more about building your brand persona.

Stefan Aronsen and associates present their thoughts on branding in bits and pieces throughout the second installation of the ebook series BUZZ: PLAN titledBUZZ: PERSONIFY. It’s currently available for free so check out the quotes below then go get a copy for yourself.

1 – Hate Branding? Personify!

Bands are afraid of the word brand. So with that in mind I say “You don’t need to brand yourself as long as you create a strong persona.”

- Stefan Aronsen

2 – Discuss Your Persona

In your next meeting … because you have meetings … I want you to talk about your persona! Somebody in the band has an opinion. I want you to talk about why it is you’re so scared to look good when you’re on stage.

- Stefan Aronsen

3 – Be Unique

Differentiate yourself from all the other bands out there so that people will always remember you. A persona makes you yourself, it is a representation of yourself, and that makes you unique.

- Vincent Lo: Astro Studios

4 – Have A Story

Every band is different, but for us, it was important to have a story and a theme from the get-go – everything since then has been evolving from that initial fairy-tale of Princess Lilofee.

- Kimi: Lilofee

5 – Act The Part

Make sure you’re acting in a way that you want your band to be represented. Plan out things like when and where you’re playing and how often and when you’ll release new material. You have to watch yourself because others are always watching you. The only person who can mess everything up is the same person who can make it all awesome: you.

- Petro: Dizzy Balloon

6- Complete the Picture Painted By Your Music

The songs we perform aren’t written nor recorded in a day-to-day atmosphere – it is an alternate reality with strong emotional and chemical charges. Writing music is extraordinary and sometimes transcendental, so clothes and external props can help to complete the picture of this place you were when you wrote the song. Both mentally and physically.

- Jay: Music For Animals

7- Put It In Your Contract

Unless you have a lot of time, somebody else is going to have to do a lot of your marketing for you. If you decide to sign with a label, it’s going to be the label doing it for you. In just about every recording contact, there will be clauses addressing who controls the band’s likeness and name and how they can be used. Taking a hands-off approach could lead to the label making your album cover for you.

- Kendall Diz, Attorney at Law

Source: hypebot

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Do you have clients who suffer from hair loss but want to rebuild their hairline and their confidence? Earn extra income by learning how to rebuild the hairline of women suffering from hair loss, hair thinning and alopecia. Celebrity stylist and Indique Pro Expert will demonstrate how to rebuild a hairline with her non-surgical hairline weave rebuilding technique on Monday, July 20th from 6pm-7:30pm at the Indique Silver Spring boutique. Registration is $20. Visit to register and secure your spot for this exclusive event.

Event Flyer: How To Rebuild A Hairline Event Hosted By Ms O

Event Flyer: How To Rebuild A Hairline Event Hosted By Ms O

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7 Ways to Grow Your Brand on #Instagram [Webinar]


Instagram Logo

The tips in this pre-recorded 10 minute webinar, ‘7 Ways to Grow Your Brand on #Instagram’ hosted on on June 19th by Michelle V. and sponsored by MiSS V INC will take the guesswork out of creating a successful Instagram marketing strategy for a brand. It will get participants on the right track to building a following and a customer base. With over 300 million users on Instagram the opportunity to grow a brand on Instagram is incredible! Instagram, sold to Facebook for a cool Billion in 2012, gives brands the ability to reach an engaged urban audience age 18-35, deliver messages in a focused visual experience, and publish content in a creative, high-quality environment.

More than 16 billion photos have been shared on Instagram. With an average of 55 million uploaded each day, that’s a lot of selfies. But it also means a lot of money for brands who figure out how to use the fast-growing social network. Instagram touts the most engagement and the highest conversion from browser to shopper.


Watch this 15 minute webinar to learn how to:

  1. Build A Following (to grow your audience)
  2. Engage with Your Community (to increase your exposure, gain followers and gather important marketing insights)
  3. Integrate Photos and Video Across Your Social Channels and Website (to help boost engagement with the fans and followers you already have on those channels)
  4. Be Consistent (to stay in front of your audience)
  5. Show Some Personality (to portray your brand’s vibe)
  6. Link your website URL to your posts (to generate sales and traffic to your site)
  7. Advertise (to reach a larger, engaged audience)


Resources: Fast Company Business Insider Vanity Fair



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BET Awards Planning: Danielle Carrington Gives Inside Look


BET Awards Logo

By now you’ve probably heard the hype surrounding the 15th Anniversary of the BET awards, the annual highly anticipated televised event taking place along the BET Experience at L.A. Live in Los Angeles from June 25-28, 2015.

On Thursday, June 11th, at the BET NYC headquarters, Danielle Carrington, executive assistant to Stephen Hill, BET’s President of Programming and executive producer of the BET Awards did an exclusive interview with MiSS V to give her insight on what it’s like planning the biggest televised event of the year, the BET Awards. In part one of this exclusive interview, Danielle talks about what some of her day-to-day duties entail and how long it takes to plan the wildly popular televised event. She goes over how she determines the success of an event. And lastly, Danielle lends sound advice to up and coming event planning professionals. “You have to have a sense of humor, you have to be extremely patient, the bulk of your job is being able to build relationships, to be able to speak to people and understand how other people work so you get the most out of them” says Danielle.

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