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4 Steps to Help You Prep Your Facebook Video Campaign

By the time you finish reading this sentence, over 500K video views will have taken place on Facebook, and it’s only going to grow over time. So the question becomes, how does a social savvy marketer such as yourself get in on the action? Here’s a quick checklist to help you develop the tactics needed for your campaign objectives.



To get the most out of your campaign, make sure you contact us for a social media campaign strategy consultation at



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Why PR Pros Should Be Using GoToMeeting


It’s hard out here in today’s growing mobile society to be Public Relations professional. That’s why you need mobile apps to keep you on top of your game. GoToMeeting is an app that will have you rocking like a top PR pro on the go.


GoToMeeting, a conferencing app for your iPad, iPhone, and android, offers you and your attendees flexibility to attend meetings directly from mobile devices. Also GoToMeeting works directly from your desktop. You can do presentations, look a reports and mock-up or whatever you want to showcase to the attendees. The app is user-friendly, accessible and easy to use.

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Mobile Business App Flourishes Women Entrepreneurship in India


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Imagine meeting start-up divas every where you turn in India. With this new mobile business application you can. The Biz India App is a business app can push women entrepreneurship in developing India. It will connect the women in India to business opportunities and business resources to launch a successful small business.

India lags behind even though it boasts the world’s fastest growing market. The app partners with the Digital Empowerment foundation of India to increase Internet connectivity reach in the rural areas of India so that more women can access the app.

We’ve researched which type of mobile device screens are widely used in the local areas and built the mobile app with this in consideration.

The app would be a collaboration with India’s National Ministries of Corporate of Affairs. It would include information on how to incorporate a business, business compliances, check company name and filing forms to incorporate a business. Users can also track their application, inquire about the approval status, create and track investor complains and services complaints. They can also pay for fees and track payment status.

The mobile app will have content available in seven different Indian languages. The app, which will be available for free on the Apple App Store and Andriod Google Play store, will include information on business development, business loans and connect users with investors. It will also work with multiple banks in India to offer business loans to women entreprenuers. Banks will provide loans to women entrepreneurs and aspiring ones who can prove their idea can bring about a positive change.

The goal of such an app is to leverage the app technology for economical impact among women in developing countries like India. This is not a real app but the idea is to create a mobile business app that helps women-led start-ups grown into successful businesses that bring economic growth to third world countries – one day.



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How Co-Branding Can Make Two Reputations Better Than One

Bringing two or more brands together, under one umbrella, for a mutual purpose, requires each brand has a healthy respect for each other’s reputation.

Co-branding is a strategic partnership between professionals (personal brand) or organizations (products, services or programs) that recognize the value of leveraging each other’s reputation to amplify awareness about a product, service, event or cause. Co-branding provides opportunities to speak to audiences in new ways and connect to new audiences using relevant, share-worthy information that creates positive impressions about the brands involved.

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Our Founder’s Brand Story

Our founder, Michelle V.’s brand story.

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5 Tips to Build Your Artist Brand

image by MiSS V INC.

Image by MiSS V INC.

The music industry is a competitive industry. The following 5 tips help you build a successful brand.


Who is your target audience? Define the age, gender, education, region and interest of your audience. Understand your target audience and find out what they want from your music. Build your audience by offering them something unique. You need to cater to your audience and market your music to them in the most effective way. Besides your music, a great way to build your audience is through your personal beliefs and your hobbies. People gravitate toward people with similar interests.

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12 Predictions for Content Marketing in 2015


If 2014 was the year content became the connective thread for all marketing, 2015 is poised to be the year that brands actually understand their audiences, and finally prove return on investment. As we enter 2015 in a more mature industry (58% of B2B marketers plan to increase their content marketing budget over the next 12 months), marketers will now focus on measuring their efforts with each individual consumer.

My annual list of 10 predictions for the content marketing industry all relate to deriving real ROI from the massive investments that marketers are now making in content. In order to prove ROI, marketers will need to shift from focusing on page views, to focusing on individuals. Brands will need to own long-term relationships with their audience, instead of creating a fleeting interaction. 2015 will be the year of ROI, but also the year that the power shifts, once and for all, to the consumer as people decide what content to engage with and share. Brands need to meet them at the right place with the right content, and should take note while there is still time to strategize.

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5 Secrets You Need To Know About Branding of a Successful Recording Artist


The development towards digital business environment affects music industry in many ways. There are major effects on for example marketing, distribution and community management. Still I would argue that the most important aspect is the “product development”.

With the product development I mean A&R works of labels and even more so the efforts the artist takes on to develop not only the music, but the brand overall. Today, music is not enough, but you HAVE consider the visual identity of your music.

This consist 5 steps how to start thinking of you as a brand.

1. Audience is more fragmented than ever

Business analysis usually link artists and audience as cash transaction and ignore social relationships, focusing on consumption rather than on reception. Please do yourself a favor and understand that networked communication polish the traditional concept of audience and replace it by countless sets of limited variety. Media of mass communication is less mass-oriented.

Therefore, for you stand out for the ever more fragmented fans of your music, the only real way is to create a simple enough message for them to understand. That is your brand…and yes simple does not mean dump in this context.

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Pinterest Surpasses Twitter In Popularity Among Women and Now Offers Paid Ads


Pinterest is already more popular than Twitter among women in less than five years. A greater percentage of woman use Pinterest more than Twitter. The social site helps people share collection of images from furniture; clothes, recipes, hairstyles to make-up looks and 80% of its users are women. Also, Pinterest is preparing to launch its first paid ads with Kraft, Gap, and others.

To date 21% of U.S. online adults said they use Pinterest, up from 15% a year earlier. Meanwhile, 18% of online adults use Twitter. More than 90% of Pinterest usage is on mobile, higher than Facebook (68%) and higher than Twitter (86%) according to a new report from the Pew Research Center . Pinterest’s U.S. user base is projected to top 40 million this year, putting it in a league with both Twitter and Instagram domestically.



Pinterest’s users have created more than 750 million boards made up of more than 30 billion individual pins, with 54 million new ones added each day. During the 2013 holiday season Pinterest accounted for nearly a quarter of all social sharing activity. Among social networks, only Facebook, with its 1.3 billion users, drives more traffic to Web publishers.


Pinterest is now testing and showing ads to its 70 million users. With more demand than it could satisfy, Pinterest had limited its test to a mere dozen brands, wringing commitments of more than $1 million from each brand. It has more than a dozen marketers set to run campaigns with three-to-six-month commitments including huge brands Kraft, General Mills, Ziploc, Nestle, Lululemon, Gap, ABC Family and Expedia.


Pinterest is a promising advertising social channel targeted at women. If you’re an advertiser targeting women Pinterest is going to be a great opportunity for you. According to Sephora Pinterest followers spend 15 times more than their Facebook fans. The social network is a popular destination for women. Brands are winning on Pinterest. This translates into a money-making opportunity for brands, especially for the brands targeted at women.

Screen Shot 2014-10-26 at 11.54.36 PM

According to Forbes, the social network is getting closer to launching Promoted Pins, which will help you reach more people with Pinterest. With more demand it could satisfy, Pinterest has limited its test to a mere dozen sponsors, wringing commitments of $1million each. Ad Agency Executive Giant, Steve Stoute, with clients like Anheuser-Busch, State Farm and McDonald’s, Stoute was desperate to get his newest client, discount shoe store chain DSW, into the program “I didn’t want this thing to go by without us getting in front of it,” he tells Forbes.

Start reaching more people today and get started with Pinterest Promoted Pins. If you’d like to get priority access to Promoted Pins, fill out this form . Pinterest will reach out when they’re ready to get started. Please note: Promoted Pins is only available to U.S.-based businesses at this time.


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