5 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness With Influencers

5 Ways To Boost Brand Awareness With Influencers

influencerDid you know that there are about 198 million people who actively use Adblock? This means that your banner ads aren’t reaching these users at all. Between June 2014 and June 2015, ad blocker usage grew by 48% in the U.S. alone – and even more concerning, as of March 2016, more than 400 million people were actively using mobile browsers that automatically blocks ads, otherwise known as mobile adblocking browsers.

So what can you do to get past all this and reach your target audience? How will an entirely new audience base learn about your brand and how amazing your products are if you can’t even reach them?

The answer lies in influencers.

Influencers are those individuals who have a certain level of impact on consumers’ purchase decisions. An influencer can be anyone from a blogger, a celebrity, a YouTube star, or even a social media persona. The best part is that consumers trust these influencers and their opinions, meaning that they can directly impact how they feel about your brand, in addition to educating them about your products. Choosing an influencer that’s relevant to your brand and your brand values can help you raise awareness about your brand to their band of followers.

Here’s a look at some of effective ways for increasing brand awareness with the help of influencers:

1. Promote Your Partnership Through Account Takeovers

The idea behind having influencers take over your social media account is that they’ll invite their network over to yours. Once you decide to have an account takeover campaign, the influencer(s) will promote the partnership to their audience and invite them to witness their experience through your account. Through account takeovers, you’re opening your brand to an entirely new audience and also surprising your existing network with fresh content.

You can have influencers take control of your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat account for a day – or maybe even an entire week. Maybe they can showcase their experiences exploring your store or doing something related to your brand. If you own a hotel chain, for instance, you can have travel bloggers or celebrities take over your Instagram account, where they could showcase themselves lounging by the pool or enjoying a drink at the bar of your hotel.

American Express excels in social media takeovers in which they let influential members take over their Instagram account and showcase their unique journeys and experiences. They choose to work with a wide variety of influencers – from small business owners to designers and photographers.

Their partnership with New York-based florists, Putnam Flowers highlighted the journey of the husband-florist duo in creating a one-of-a-kind centerpiece.

Promote your partnership_Influencers(1)

During the takeover period, the American Express Instagram account was updated with posts that took followers through the process of sourcing the flowers.

Promote your partnership_Influencers1

They went on to guide the followers through the creation process up until they could display the finished product.

Promote your partnership_display product

Before you undertake a social media takeover campaign, you need to be sure that the influencer is relevant to you brand and also expresses themselves in tune with your brand values. They should be able to produce content in a way that gets your message across to the right audience.

2. Stand Up for a Cause

If you’re in marketing, it’s likely that you already know about cause marketing and how powerful it can be – especially with Millenials. But influencers can help you take it up a notch and pull off your campaign in a genuine and relatable way. No matter how loyal your customers are, they’re still going to see you as a brand and not as people. So whatever message you try to deliver – no matter how relatable – may seem staged for some of them. With influencers, you’re able to promote the cause of your choosing through individuals that your audience can truly relate to, which can enhance the impact of your message.

Coca-Cola did an excellent job in partnership with Ogilvy when they launched the #OpenUp campaign with the help of influencers. The goal was to support Muslim consumers and build brand affinity on an international level, so they worked with Kuwaiti influencer Ascia AKF, creator of a line of baby slings and shoes called Desert Baby. They also worked with Saudi chef Badr Fayez. Both influencers opened up and shared their personal stories, which addressed the challenges of being a Muslim in today’s world.

Stand up for a cause_influencer personal stories

When Ascia shared the video through her Instagram account, the post received more than 27,000 likes and thousands of comments in no time. All in all, the #OpenUp campaign got more than 580,000 interactions, generating more than 11,000,000 impressions. But the most impressive result was Coca Cola seeing a 42% increase in its Brand Love score during the campaign.

Another excellent example of brands teaming up with influencers to promote a cause is how Boxed Water is building brand affinity with a combination of cause and influencer marketing. The company first partnered with the National Forest Foundation with the goal of planting a million trees in high-need areas by 2020. In an effort to promote this cause, Boxed Water then connected with some top influencers including Christen Press of the U.S. National Women’s Soccer Team.

how Boxed Water is building brand affinity_influiencer marketing









Celebrities like Alyssa Milano have also joined in on the mission, encouraging followers to share their own photos using the tag #Retree. In return for each tag, Boxed Water will plant two trees in the Deschutes National Forest in Oregon. As of today, the company has planted more than 250,000 trees through this project.

Alyssa Milano










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